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Garden magic

Thank you to a neighbor that I hardly knew for secretly planting my garden (exactly as I would have) when I was unable. You must have seen that every year I planted a colorful shade garden. The rows were neat, the mulch was spread perfectly, and the colors were cheery. I had to be at the hospital from dawn to dusk each day for the spring and summer. Each night I had just enough energy to get into bed. One night I looked out the window and thought I saw my garden! I rubbed my eyes thinking I was imagining it! I wondered if somehow I had planted it without remembering. I went out with my flashlight to get a better look. There it was in all of its glory! I really don't believe in miracles; but it seemed to be one! The garden you planted for me fed my soul. Its simple beauty filled me with joy. The mystery (which I kept questioning people about) deepened. No one owned up to the act of love and kindness. Months later I received your note in my box. It read, "I hope your spirits were lifted by your little garden. I wanted to do something for you". It was signed "Your Garden Angel." Thank you for making me feel loved and less alone.

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