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State Fair

You were waiting in the Sky Ride cable car line with your family, a few feet from entering the ride. The line snaked back and around; although we were standing close to you, we were very far behind you in line. You noticed our rambunctious 3-year-old (nearing his bedtime!) and shared that we had about a 25 minute wait for the ride. You offered a friendly smile and directed us to the closest bathrooms "just in case." We thanked you for the heads-up. A couple minutes later, your daughter tapped me on my shoulder. You and your family motioned for us to go ahead of you in line. You said that you remember when your children were small, and that you know what it's like to wait. You also pointed to the walking-boot I was wearing on my foot and said that it would be hard for me to stand for so long. When you saw us hesitate to accept this act of generosity, you asked the people behind you in line if they'd mind. They took your lead and graciously encouraged us through. Your daughter even offered her hand to help my children through the dividing fence to reach our new spot in line. Your generosity lifted us up higher than the cable cars!

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