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Criteria for Posting a

Moment of Kindness

1. Make it about the stranger.  Tell only about the person who committed the act of kindness: their actions, and what those actions meant to you.  (See "How to compose your post" to the right for more information.)  


2. The moment must have happened to you.  While offering or witnessing moments of kindness might make us feel good, it takes courage and vulnerability for the recipient of the act to tell that story.  So that's the story we're going to tell.


3. The act of kindness must have been committed by a stranger.  It's wonderful when friends offer acts of kindness.  But the point of the site is to reflect on the acts of kindness offered by strangers.  This makes us remember that we're in community with not only the people we know, but with everyone. 


4. The telling of the moment must keep all parties and locations unidentifiable.  This site is meant to be anonymous.  We post kindness for the sake of kindness.  




How to compose your post


Instead of writing this--

"I was having a really bad day.  My cat recently died and my boss just told me that I'd likely lose my job due to layoffs.  I was taking a long walk, contemplating life, when I stopped into your coffee shop.  When you gave me my coffee, you asked how I was doing, and I told you the truth.  You offered me a free cookie.  It made me feel less alone.  Thank you."  


Try writing this--

"When you gave me my coffee, you took the time to ask how I was doing.  I had no idea what was going on in your day, but you asked about mine and seemed to really care about the answer.  When I told you, you gave me a free cookie.   It made me feel less alone.  Thank you."


Want more help?  Try using one of these formulas:


Thank you to _________________ for ______________________.  Because of your action, I felt _______________________.




You (describe action here).  It made me feel (describe feeling here).




Tell us about a moment of kindness!


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