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It's easy to walk around and see one another only for the surface-level roles that we play: the guy behind the counter; the woman at the front of the line; the person engrossed in a cell phone.  Commit Kindness is an opportunity to remember that each of us is more than that.  


Commit Kindness was born from the actions of strangers: the held doors, the offered bus seats, the carried bags, the impromptu smiles.  We offer and receive acts of kindness like these all the time.  But these moments often go untold, so minor that we forget them when we recall the happenings of our days.  


These are the actions that often come just at the right time, in moments when we need to be reminded that we're part of something bigger than ourselves.  


Commit Kindness gives us a chance to honor one another for the way we walk in the world even in the small moments, the moments between Point A and Point B, the moments when we don't think anyone is watching. Because even in those moments, we're part of a community.  And in community, kindness matters.


In the midst of all the other stories that we see and tell, let's also pause and tell this story.  This is a story of strangers in community.  It's a story that we create, together.

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